shipping instructions new

You do not need to ship using SMG. But if you're shipping a handgun it will save you some money. Handguns must ship air service. This is where SMG comes in. They're a sister company of Joe Bob Outfitters. Which ships thousands of firearms each year. So they get special rates being a bulk firearm shipper. They created this company to pass on the savings to the regular Joe. They use Fedex & it's a much safer way to ship if you have any concerns about shipping your firearm. Using them insures your firearms will make it to me safe & sound. Anything happens by some act of god. SMG is fully insured & will take care of tracking it down or replacing it. Also being a licensed FFL I'm able to accept firearms & then ship them directly back to your residence. So there's no need to go through another FFL near you just to accept the firearm. It's considered maintenance work & is perfectly legal. As long as it goes from the owner to myself the FFL & then after work is performed. Directly back to the owner, you. Easy!