Mojo Magwell Grip (Magwell + Grip plate only)

Deadeye Customs LLC

These options are for a "Mojo Magwell Grip + the grip plate & 1 decorative mask of your choice. Three different tier levels of detail to choose from.

-Tier 1 is a solid cerakote color of your choice. 

-Tier 2 is a three color battleworn with blood spatter

-Tier 3 is for a fully customized decorative mask of your choice. Includes custom milling to add deep scars or to modify the shape of the mask to fit your theme. 



The FAB Defense Mojo Magwell Grip is the latest evolution of the FAB Defense bestselling product, the MWG (Magazine Well Grip). The Mojo Grip is a tactical magwell grip and funnel designed to significantly improve magazine reload speed and firearm handling of your AR while providing you with a quickly customizable look to visually enhance your rifle. There are currently 5 optional interchangeable Masks available to attach to your Mojo Magwell Grip.

In addition to looking good, the Mojo Magwell Grip reduces magazine change times on average by 48% without ever having to take your eyes off your target. 
The Mojo Magwell Grip gives you full control of the weapon whether in CQB or malfunction situations. 
Made from reinforced polymer, the Mojo Magwell Grip easily and quickly attaches to standard AR-15/M4 lower receivers without any permanent modification to the weapon.  No gunsmithing required.

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