I get a lot of calls during the day & will not answer them unless I have the number saved. I prefer to handle the initial talk here via this inquires tab. Once I have all the information I need to give you an accurate estimate. Which is better to have all of that in a written record of any pricing estimates. Since the majority of my work is unique. I can't make a set price list with so many variables. I need a little time to be able to visualize what the job will require. So I'm not getting myself in over my head. Once that part is handled & we move on to shipping or drop off instructions. Then I'll get your phone number & save it into my phone. Once in my phone we can set up your drop off time. I appreciate your understanding & also understand the frustration sometimes trying to contact me. I'm only one guy & this method just works best for me in my current situation. I try & let my work speak for itself & to keep that promise I need some wiggle room to breathe. No one does quality work when stressed or rushed, myself included.