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DeadEye Customs is a specialty cerakote applicator. I focus primarily on cosmetic upgrades for your firearms. Such as custom camouflage designs, custom weapon themes, Metal or wood restoration, personalized designs or simply firearm refinishing for rust prevention and general metal protection. Cerakote is the best weapons coating hands down. Especially in areas such as corrosion resistance. It’s however not a suit of armor. It can be scratched by objects harder than itself. Such as rocks, metal metal objects etc. So treat it with care and it will last the lifetime of your firearm. I do not claim to be a pro shop or gunsmith. I do not offer any gunsmithing services other than cosmetic customization and surface protection. It is not my responsibility to make sure your firearm comes back performing like a gun which just came from a pro shop. Cerakote adds a very small amount of thickness to areas which might cause switches or magazines from operating smoothly at first. This is easily solved by a proper oiling and break in of your firearm. If I do assemble your firearm back for you. It is still your responsibility to break your firearm in yourself. As well as perform your own function test before treating it as a proven firearm. This should be common knowledge. Especially when that firearm has just been cosmetically modified. There will be a form for everyone to which I am asked to reassemble. Verifying you’re are aware that I cannot guarantee this firearm is anything but reassembled. Making sure it is functional and safe is beyond my scope of work. Again.... I only cerakote firearms. I’m very good at it. But I repeat I am not a gunsmith and I will no longer accept liability for making sure your firearm is %100 functioning and safe. If you have doubt or concerns then only shop me the parts you want coated and I will ship them back to you coated. Then you can either assembly yourself or have your local gunsmith who is licensed and insured to accept that responsibility. Thanks you very much and I’m sorry that this is how I must protect myself from those people who think I’m some kind of one stop shop.