This company is my life. I care greatly about my customers satisfaction with the work I do. I will work personally with them throughout the project. I will also back up the work I do. You can rest assured I will take full responsibility for any damage done to your firearm while in my possession. I will over protect your firearm on its way back to you as well. I'm not a certified gunsmith. That being said I would much prefer to receive only the pieces that are to be coated. If you send us a disassembled gun or gun parts, you must include an itemized inventory/packing listWe will not be responsible for lost parts (Be Sure To Use Our Work Request Form) if no inventory/packing list is included. Re-Finishing your firearm with Cerakote does not include the removal of existing pitting, dings or scratches (except minor imperfections removed with normal blasting/etching procedure). Limited metal preparation is available at additional cost on a per-hour basis. We can provide a quote once we have received your items. Please note that our prices do not include sales tax (if applicable), return shipping, handling or insurance charges. I'm comfortable with most types of firearms I would encounter. Any firearm that I do not feel comfortable enough to disassemble and reassemble. That firearm will be sent first to a certified gunsmith that I have an arrangement with. A modest fee will be applied for his time. The reason why I would prefer to only receive the pieces being coated are as follows. It can be difficult to reassemble a freshly painted firearm without leaving small marks. Mainly where you have to knock the pins back into place. No matter the armorers skills the tiniest of marks are still extremely hard to avoid. Most of the time these are not noticeable. I would much rather have the customer reassemble there own firearm to avoid anyone becoming disgruntled . If the customer is not experienced enough or does not have proper tools for reassembly. I will of course be more than happy to reassemble there firearm properly for them. Usually a small armorers fee will apply depending on difficulty of model.

I have my appointment with Cerakote to go to Oregon and become officially certified the 12th of September. I also have my final meeting with the ATF agent assigned to my FFL. So very soon I will be fully open for business. Thank you all for visiting my page & hope I can work with you in the future.


Since we provide custom services it is impossible to create a one size fits all price list. We will provide you with a detailed estimate if you fill out our quote request form. This allows us to get a more accurate picture of your project as well as provide you with a written estimate. My goal is to insure you get the highest quality workmanship with the fastest turnaround possible. While striving to provide prices that are competitive.

 Camouflage & Designs

Please be aware that camouflage prices reflect the time, knowledge, experience required to apply the camouflage patterns and is the equivalent to coating 3-4 single color items due to the multiple layers of color. Due to the application processes (layers of patterns and colors) normal minor defects can be present, every effort is made to keep as minor as possible.