Please Read - New Updated Processes and information

My process of doing things has been altered slightly for efficiency and protection for us both. Certain models that I'm very comfortable working on I will accept and handle the armorers work. Firearms that are more complex or may have specialty parts that are had to find etc. I request you have a local gunsmith handle the disassembly and reassembly or if possible handle it yourself. I only require the components getting the Cerakote. Only hardware that is getting a protective coat in a solid color. Tiny parts are easy to loose during this process. So sending me all the little parts with the rest is not a great idea. AR's, 1911's, Benelli's, Glocks are no issue for me. I can handle more complex models if you absolutely need me to, but their is always a tiny chance I may misplace a tiny spring or detent and fail to find a replacement in stock. It's happened and it sucks for you and sucks for me. Ideally I just require the stripped parts that are getting coated. Smaller hardware needing Cerakote needs to be bagged and tagged. If you can get it mostly stripped other than the things needing specialty tools to remove is good enough. That's better than nothing and saves time. The less time I have messing with armorers work, the more time I can spend on cerakoting your firearm/parts or laying out, stenciling or multi-layer airbrush texturing using various freehand stencils. Also please don't waste your time trying to call unless we've already talked and I got your information and had a chance to save you in my phone. If it's a random number I won't answer, but if I have your number saved and see your name, I'll usually pick it up right away if I'm not painting. Unless we already set a time that works for both of us. I understand it's hard translating personal touches in texts. I only want initial interactions to go through my quote request tab. So any pricing is recorded for our records and so I have time to try and visualize the project. Once I respond the first time, you can then email me back photos of the parts and any examples. When I'm ready to spray Cerakote I reach out again to make sure I have it all right before I proceed. We can discuss further over the phone at this point on any special details. I'm only hard to reach in the beginning, but once we start communications you will have my absolute attention and I'll make sure all your questions are answered and you feel confident your in good hands. So be a little patient with me and know I will get to you as soon as I'm able to break away and switch from work mode to typing mode.