Quote Request - Do this first

Please take into consideration I'm not a big company with employees to help take some of the load off my shoulders. I'm a solo operation currently working from home. I focus most of my energy towards the artistic one of a kind designs & other custom designs or camo's. If you have smaller projects just needing single color finishes I will be more than happy to take care of that for you. I don't answer calls during the day unless scheduled in advance. I can't continually stop throughout the day to take calls. I check messages periodically throughout the day so quote request here. If needing to reference a photo you can email it to deadeyecustomsllc@gmail.com or you can text message my cell 770-331-7561 & I will reply back as soon as I finish painting & can clean out my spray guns. Just make sure you let me know who you're & what it's about please. I have to work from a job by job basis when it comes to these complex custom jobs. If I don't reply back within a few days, I'm most likely consumed with a difficult project. I do my best to respond to everyone but if you don't hear back within a week reach out again it most likely just got buried in the pile. My priority is to continue giving my level of detail in every project coming my way. This type of cerakote work is very tedious & time consuming so please bare with me I will eventually get to you. I wont take you guns or money & then make you wait 6-10 weeks before I start. You hold you guns until I'm ready to take them & then you get a one to two week turn around on most projects. I take no payments until the work is finished & you approve the photos I send you. Once given the thumbs up you can pay cash on pick up or I will email an invoice from QuickBooks that you can pay direct with any CC or direct transfer. Again thank you for your understanding, I know my methods are different but my results speak for themselves.

When describing your project please cover as many aspects of it as possible. Each job is unique in it's own way.


1.What service are you requesting the quote for?

2.What type of weapon platform is this for?

3.Describe the pattern, color if choosing camouflage?

4.Describe in detail your idea if choosing custom camouflage or theme?

5.Are you located in Georgia or out of State?


*Answer 5 Questions Above to Get Started