Quote Request - Do this first

When you describe your project please cover as many aspects of it as possible. Each job is unique in it's own way. I cannot be expected to know exactly what one customer has in mind. Unless they help me & describe their project as best as they're able.. Tell me the model & also any special notes of significance. Like slide cuts, milling, grip stippling etc. When describing what service you're requesting be specific. If wanting solid color refinishing let me know if you want the entire gun or just the metal parts. If wanting custom design be as descriptive as possible. The more detailed the more accurate. I do not have the ability to laser engrave or any CNC machines for milling. I'm solely a Cosmetic enhancer & restoration professional. Some minor metal or wood restoration to old firearms, replacing Hydrographics which will peel & rust, rust prevention, Custom One of a kind Cerakote application, Custom Camouflage. Parts polishing, some stippling on request etc.



1.What service are you requesting the quote for?

2.What type of weapon platform is this for?

3.Describe the pattern, color if choosing camouflage?

4.Describe in detail your idea if choosing custom camouflage or theme?

5.Are you located in Georgia or out of State?


*Answer 5 Questions Above to Get Started