What you can expect

I work closely with each and every customer so that I can make sure you get exactly what you want. You will never be in the dark with me. You can be assured that if for some reason it doesn't turn out like you imagined, I will start completely from the beginning until you're happy with the outcome. If I don't nail it the first attempt, I adjust my techniques accordingly & rarely fail a second time. I never charge additional fee's if I have to start over. This is why I will be in constant contact with you once the process begins. Initially it might take a little time before I am able to get to your email, assuming I have a full load already. That's mainly because I don't like having to store too many customer firearms for liability & so you're not without your firearms for more than a week or two depending on complexity. Give me as many details in your request as you're able so I can give you the most accurate quote. You can bypass the request tab & email me direct so you can attach photos of your project. Deadeyecustomsllc@gmail.com 

I constantly innovate as I complete each project. Every new job brings new challenges which keeps me on my toes and pushes me to come up with new techniques. Recently the controllers have made things a little difficult for the self-employed. I can no longer accept cash app, Venmo payments or third-party payments without reporting it to the IRS. The masters love to syphon off the energy of the people and are constantly pushing new legislation which further enslaves and controls us. Until they do away with cash completely my preferred method of payment is of course cash. If cash isn't feasible, big deal. I accept all forms of payment but prefer not to have to pay the corrupt banks just to transfer money from you to me. 

I'm no longer an FFL so I'm unable to have handguns shipped direct to me unless you only send the parts getting coated. Keeping the barrels or trigger groups or whichever part has the serial number & shipping the rest of the parts is the way to go for handguns. Rifles & shotguns are fine to ship to me, since this is considered maintenance work and not a firearm sale requiring an FFL to facilitate the transfer. I will receive your firearms & perform the work and then I will be shipping it directly back to you the owner. USPS or UPS only please. Make sure to ship them in inconspicuous unmarked box's as to not draw any attention from thieves along the way. If you're able to break them down to half size, that's even better. Anything to help it not look like a long gun box. You can place a photocopy of your id on top of the gun with a note stating that you're sending it off for maintenance work. Make sure you don't accidently have any ammo in the box. If you live in Georgia, you're welcome to come by & drop it off in person. 

I don't usually carry my phone with me while I'm working so emails will be the best method for reaching me. Once I initiate with you though, I can give you my cell number if you feel it will be better to describe your idea via a phone call. Other than all that, the process is very easy & simply. I'm just one guy here doing everything, so you can expect a very personal experience & not one where you're waiting or wondering what's going on. I regularly provide progress updates as the job progresses. No payment taken until the job is finished & you approve the final photos that I'll be sending once finished. Once you give the thumbs up, then we can get the payment situation handled.