Hand made G10 rail scales "made to order"

Deadeye Customs LLC

Not technically sold out... Orders will be made custom as they come

I made sets for my own personal firearms and liked them so much i decided to offer them here. I will be offering them in various sizes and will be making them to order. So you tell me if your rail is M-lok or Keymod and then the length you want your pair to be in and also how aggressive you prefer the texturing to be. I can also cerakote them to match your gun. As of now I only stock the black carbon fiber G10 but will be adding additional G10 colors to the options as things progress. If interested in having a set custom made for your rifle please reach me through inquiries tab and let me know your preferences. 


Their will also be in addition to the G10 material scales, will have a link to a brother company who will be offering custom hand made exotic wood rail scales. I may offer them here as well as link to his site once it's up and running. He will be offering the same built to order scales as myself except he will be offering very unique and original designs with epoxy fills, Lichtenberg "wood lightning texturing" and various types of specialty woods such as Mahogany, Walnut, Cedar, Rose & blood woods etc.   


    Type: Made to order